Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances

How to order:

To order CD from the Country Dance and Song Society (if you're a member you get a 10% discount), go to their online store, email or call 413-268-7426 ext. 2 (open 9:30AM - 5PM (Eastern time), Monday through Friday).

In the UK, it is available from Folk Sales/Derek and Ann Appleing.

Chocolate Moose teaching notes teaching points should say: For A1 and A2, bars 1-4, the 1s are next to each other facing DOWN (A1) or UP (A2) giving the handy (outside) hand to begin the hands across.

Dances included in Volume IV:

  • English Country Dances
    • 1A
    • All Who Wander
    • An(other) Improper Notion
    • Banjo in a Bear Suit
    • A Big Heart
    • Birds of a Feather
    • Chocolate Moose
    • Essentials
    • Foot it Featly
    • General Grooviness of the Universe
    • It's Always Something
    • Jubilation
    • Julie's Scandal
    • Monte Toyon Mist
    • Rain on the Roof
    • Reflections
    • Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
    • Standard Conclusions
    • To Dance Divine
    • Travelers
  • Scottish Country Dances

    • Crimson Clover
      The Sun Box
      Triple Chocolate