Impropriety Volume 2 - CD

Impropriety CD cover


Dave Bartley, Shira Kammen, Anita Anderson, Jim Oakden

This CD includes most of the English country dances published in Impropriety Volume II, the Country Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, performed by the band Roguery.

Roguery is: Anita Anderson (piano, voice, accordion, cittern) and Dave Bartley (guitars, cittern, mandolin, tenor banjo, voice) from Seattle, WA, Jim Oakden (recorders, clarinets, tenor banjo, whistle, guitar, mandolin, accordion) from Santa Cruz, CA, and Shira Kammen (fiddle, viola, vielle, medieval harp) from Berkeley, CA, who met in the Rogue Valley of Oregon to record this album.

The band's varied influences include English, contra, early music, classical, Breton, Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Galician, French, Balkan, jazz-fusion, gospel, Scandinavian, and Greek.

Brooke Friendly joins the band on tracks 5 (zils), 10 (drum and bells), 16 (drum), and 22 (voice).

How to order

Available for purchase as digital download or CD on CD Baby.

Roguery: Impropriety, Vol. 2

To order CD from the Country Dance and Song Society (if you're a member you get a 10% discount), go to their online store, email or call 413-268-7426 ext. 2 (open 9:30AM - 5PM (Eastern time), Monday through Friday).

In the UK, it is available from Folk Sales/Derek and Ann Appleing.


  1. Mendocino Cure - tune by Dave Bartley 2007
  2. MacQueen's Jig - tune: "Two in a Gig" (Traditional Irish)
  3. Alder Cove - tune: "Riding to Shoreline" by Dave Bartley 2004
  4. Daybreak - tune: "Hunan Hornpipe" by Jonathan Jensen 2007
  5. The Dancing Betty (stately) - tune arranged from "A Health to Betty" Playford 1651 by Chris Sackett 2007
  6. The Dancing Betty (lively)
  7. Larkin Grace - tune: "O Son do ar" by Bieito Romero
  8. The Play's the Thing - tune: "The Fresh Jug" (Traditional Irish)
  9. Remembrance - tune by Dave Bartley 2007
  10. An Improper Notion - tune arranged from 16th-century branles by Chris Sackett 2006
  11. Through the Looking Glass - tune: "Downstream" by Shira Kammen 2002
  12. Yakima Rim - tune by Dave Bartley 2004
  13. Chocolate for Breakfast - tune: "Top o' the Mornin'" by Jonathan Jensen 2007
  14. Snow Day - tune: "Snowbound" by Dave Bartley 2007
  15. Tributary - tune: "Flaxley Green Dance" (Traditional English)
  16. Scales of Justice - tune by Shira Kammen 2006
  17. Trim the Sails - tune: "The Wishing Well" (Traditional Irish)
  18. Birthday at Pinewoods - tune: "Ripples on the Pond" by Jonathan Jensen 2007
  19. Hey Baby Hey - tune: "Whatever You Like" by Jonathan Jensen 2007
  20. Joint Effort - tune by Chris Sackett 2006
  21. Hazelfern Place - tune: "La Maison de Glace" by Rejean Brunet 1997
  22. Pear Blossom - tune: "A Christmas Jig" (Anonymous)