Impropriety (Volume 1) - Country Dances

Impropriety Volume 1 coverHow to order:

To order CD from the Country Dance and Song Society (if you're a member you get a 10% discount), go to their online store, email or call 413-268-7426 ext. 2 (open 9:30AM - 5PM (Eastern time), Monday through Friday).

In the UK, it is available from Folk Sales/Derek and Ann Appleing.


At Nancy's House begins with circle left and back to the right.

Dances included in this first volume:

  • English Country Dances
    • At Nancy’s House 
    • The Black Cat    
    • Caravan Crossing      
    • Cottonwood        
    • The Friendly Brooke      
    • Heydaze  
    • Home Again        
    • Impropriety 
    • Lavender     
    • The MollyAndrew     
    • On Wittman’s Golden Floor        
    • Paul’s Pet Peeve        
    • Puck’s Deceit        
    • Rogue’s Ramble        
    • Sun Return        
    • A Trip to Town-O     
    • Winter Garden        
  • Scottish Country Dances
    • Gypsy Silver        
    • Dish-oriented      
    • Larkin Grace        
    • The Lazy Piper